We understand that there's nothing easy about wanting something so much, and not knowing where to start, or who to trust.

Let's be honest, it’s pretty easy to find an app to give you a cookie cutter workout, or some YouTube videos...

But you and I aren't the same... we have different levels of ability, mobility and strength.

And let's not overlook the obvious:

  • You may have previous injuries or medical conditions.
  • You may have trouble staying focused or motivated.
  • You may have location preferences for your workout.
  • You may require nutrition & supplementation help

Personal Training means your program is tailored entirely to you.

To all of your strengths and weaknesses.

You work with a REAL Person who understands where you're at in your transformation, hears the determination or frustration  in your voice, and knows exactly what it will take to get you to the next level!

So you can have a sh*t ton of fun and still reach your goals, faster.

This is your Crew.

Kevin Jeffery

Founder | Certified Online Coach & Personal Trainer

Mobility | Strength | Pre & Post Natal | Fat Loss | Nutrition | Lifestyle Coaching | Body Building

Verna Kulish

Marketing & Corporate Sales

Jess Turner

Certified Nutrition Specialist

General Nutrition | Fitness Nutrition | Weight Loss & Lifestyle Management​

Charm Turner

Certified Personal Trainer & PSW

Bodybuilding | Strength | Moblity​

Each and every Recking Crew coach and trainer has sworn to abide by the following Coaching Code of Conduct:

I will not knowingly misrepresent my knowledge or expertise either publicly or privately, and I will be transparent regarding my education, certifications, and other qualifications.

I will hold all discussions with my clients in the strictest confidence, except where doing so may cause harm to others.

I will not provide information or advice that I do not believe in or that I would not personally follow.

I will honor all agreements with my clients and others, including contracts, scheduling, and assigned tasks.

I will not knowingly take any monetary, professional or other advantage of any coach/client relationship.

I will conduct myself in accordance with this code of ethics whenever I am engaged in any coaching relationship or capacity.


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